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Arcman Pharma is fully licensed cGMP contract manufacturer and private label manufacturer for OTC drugs and dietary supplements.

We are committed to product excellence and good health. Our mission is to serve your company's best interests with integrity, knowledge and value, providing you the superior quality products with strictest touchstone at the most competitive prices. We offer 300k tablets/capsules or 5~10k jars* as our minimum order of quantity with the lead time from 4-8 weeks*.

As a full service OTC drugs and dietary supplements manufacturer, we constantly seek to expand the horizon of our company, our clients' businesses and health.

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We Offer Turn-Key Contract Manufacturing Services For OTC Drugs and Nutraceutical Dietary Supplement

Let Arcman Pharma help you build lifelong customers! We are the perfect solution for company like you, looking for a multiservice, fast, reliable, and efficient dietary supplement and private label contract manufacturer.

Formulation development to determine the optimal dosage form, composition and manufacturing route is a fundamental part of OTC and nutraceutical product development. At Arcman Pharma, we recognize the importance of our clients’ requirement to develop robust and compliant formulations.

Our research and develop team has a wide and varied background of development experience across an extensive range of nutrition source. Our facilities were designed to be flexible and are capable of handling a wide variety of batch sizes to you arrive at the optimal formula. We have capabilities covering formulation development for powders, tablets, capsules, liquids and softgel and topical drug formulations.

Our experienced team can also help customers register their products with FDA OTC Product Listing.
Weighing, Blending and Milling are important stages in pharmaceutical processing, and are used to achieve the precise measurements of the formulation.

With over 10 year’s experiences in this industry leaders, our team following strict guidelines, set forth in our SOP, assure the quantity and quality for each and every batch.
Arcman Pharma provides a full line of packaging solutions for our customers. We have developed a particular expertise in the contract packaging for many varieties of the solid form dietary supplements, including capsules, powders, blistering, bottling, pouch/pillow packaging, softgel, liquid filling and much more.

Our fully-automated packaging line ensures bottles, boxes, and labels are clean, sharp, and have every sign of professionalism and attractive on the market. All you need to consider is what kind of packaging is best for the storage, transport, and shelving needs of your products. Your packaging professionals will take care of the rest.
We understand the importance of your label design and its impact on the success of the product. Our knowledge and understanding of label design principles, compliance and regulatory requirements makes us the perfect choice to review and verify your product labels.

From full nutritional analysis to a complete label review, we can assess your product labeling to ensure that every aspect, including layout and language, complies with FDA/USDA. We also evaluate product ingredients to ensure that they are allowed and are within your destination markets.

Shipping and Exporting

We export products to many countries around the world

We are registered on China Import Food Enterprises List(CIFER) with vast categories, and comply with latest requirement in Decree 248 by China Customs(GACC)!

Exporting your products? With many years of experience working with overseas governments, Arcman Pharma has the knowledge and understanding of the intricacies and processes of regulatory agencies to help you comply with international product standards, resulting in smooth customs clearance.

We specialize in Asian-Pacific markets (China, Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia).

Our team speaks Chinese and Vietnamese!

We also provide domestic and international fulfillment services, working with leading carriers to ensure your order arrives safely to its final destination.


We specialize in a wide range of OTC drugs and dietary supplement manufacturing.

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We’re serious about the quality and efficacy of our products. All of the products processed by Arcman Pharma are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (or GMP) as set forth in 21 CFR Part 111 of the Food Drug and Cosmetics act.

Manufacturing facilities are periodically inspected for their adherence to Standard Operating Procedures, employee training, product specifications and supplier/vendor qualification procedures.

In addition, we perform periodic audits of manufacturers to ensure adherence to all regulatory requirements. Arcman Pharma ensures that manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are followed to keep consistent product quality.


All our processes and systems are cGMP certified by UL Registrar LLC, manufacturer certified by CA Dept. of Public Health, and processed food registered by CA Dept. of Public Health. All of our production facilities meet or exceed US FDA criteria.

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